Social Media Management & Administration

I have known this pleasant and congenial young man for several years now since moving into this area. As I started up my business, I was in need of someone to manage my social media for a large multi-disciplinary clinic that I helped to start in 2009. Without much understanding of the technical side of such things like Facebook, along came Mr. Richards from his organization of TRO (aptly named for Travis Richards Office), and with his vast knowledge of this social media world, he skilfully started up our internet presence and continues to manage it on a regular basis.

I trust Mr. Richards’ professionalism and skills. He has a great presence, and always dresses impeccably for even the smallest of meetings. He is always available to answer questions and is very knowledgeable in his field. I love that he is a local, and truly understands the needs of our clinic and what our niche is within the community. He has personally put in countless hours in communicating with and meeting all our tenants/practitioners in the clinic and he has put together a seamless Facebook presence which I am very proud of.
I highly recommend Mr. Richards for any challenge he is up to. He is a really go-getter and business savvy person, and I wouldn’t doubt that he is definitely going places in his career.


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